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It’s been 4 years of education in Municipal government. 8 years of building the largest community supported Christmas dinner in the city of Medicine Hat. 10 years of building a business from the ground up. 10 years of being an active part of our community. 12 years of being a parent to two amazing kids! Now I’m ready to run for City Council! What I bring with me to City Council is more than a platform, more than all the promises in the world I could make you, it’s my passion and love for people! All people! Once elected I will keep doing what I have done for our city for nearly a decade! Take care of people! You want to know how to get people more involved in government and encourage them to vote! You give them something to care about by letting you know you care about their needs and wants, even if it’s not in your power to help them. You stop talking, and listen! We can do amazing things together if we focus on spreading love and joy, not hate! So let’s stop talking about it and do something about it, together!

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SILVER, Jeremy

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